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River Sweeping

Removal of trash from the streambed and bank is one of the major services StreamSweepers provide riverside landowners and watershed supporters. This proved to be a monumental effort for 2014 due to the quantity of waste found in the Robinson River.

During the river assessments, StreamSweepers took GPS coordinates of concentrations of tires and other large debris. Landowners were contacted to secure trash removal access and canoe put in/take out points at several locations along the roughly 40 miles of 2014 river stretches.

Every StreamSweeper was responsible for scanning the river bed and bank for trash. Whenever trash was spotted, a team member would secure his boat and pick up the trash and place it in the canoe. Most trash removal required team members to leave their canoes and enter the river. Most times when a tire needed to be dug out of the river bank or bed, a few members of the crew to needed to work together shoveling sediment from around the item in order to free it from the river. Upon arriving at each access point, Sweepers would remove trash from the boats and pile it up on the bank.

Trash Removal Results

Trash removed for the Rapidan and Robinson Rivers for 2014 is shown in the images below.
Trash Talley 1



Rapidan Talley 2

Talley 3

Talley 4

As significant as the amount of trash removed by the 2014 StreamSweepers was, the teams were unable to remove 100% of the trash in the river valleys. A few dump sites remain where the items are too large to be removed by boat.

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