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Dave Matthew’s BAMA Works Fund Keeps StreamSweepers Rolling

StreamSweepers and the Center for Natural Capital, its parent group, and its Board of Directors thanks the Charlottesville Area Community Foundations Dave Mathews Band BAMA Works Fund for selecting StreamSweepers to receive financial assistance for 2016 Central Virginia river cleaning, assessment, and maintenance work. “Rivers are our life blood –thanks for supporting the continuous cleansing of them”, noted our Chairman Ed Bain upon hearing of the Foundation’s award.

We really appreciate the support of this wonderful foundation.  Go BAMA!

Kira and Emilie Taking Tires to the Dump – 2015

Here is Where our Hope for StreamSweepers 2016 Begins

2015 Crewmembers Celebrating Rapidan Completion!
2015 Crewmembers Celebrating Rapidan Completion!

In 2015 StreamSweepers finished the promise begun 3 years ago to train and employ dozens of local young adults to sweep up garbage from the historic Rapidan River – all the way from Shenandoah National Park to Fredericksburg. This unprecedented achievement is the first time a corps of local high school and college students has comprehensively cleaned and assessed the health of an entire river valley in Virginia history.  These Sweepers are paid and insured employees and not volunteers . Their salaries are paid by “customers” or riverside landowners and donors that care about meaningful young adult employment opportunities and their local rivers.

StreamSweepers 2015 Crew
As we prepare to store our boats and equipment for winter, we’ve dreamed of what might lie ahead for the 2016 season.  After years of river work, we now know that ongoing maintenance is needed because as unbelievable as it sounds, people continue to use our rivers as a dump.  Therefore, we propose to transition to river maintenance, with Sweepers completing “light cleaning” of the 100 miles of both rivers in their entirety– in just one season! This is in contrast to the “deep cleaning” of past years, where we were only able to finish 40 miles in a season.  Maintenance is also needed because we now know that tires and other trash leach harmful chemicals and our rivers are drinking water sources for thousands of Virginians. We also hope to tackle the beautiful Hughes River (a Virginia Scenic River) from its origins at Old Rag Mountain in Rappahannock County to its confluence with the Hazel River in Culpeper County.

Please consider supporting our river restoration job corps program by making a tax deductible donation (online link below or by check).   StreamSweepers is a program of the Center for Natural Capital, a 501 c-3 charitable organization in Orange, Virginia. And finally, we can never say enough how grateful we are to all the Supporters from past years that make this work possible.

Thanks from StreamSweepers Crew!
Thanks from StreamSweepers Crew!

StreamSweepers Seeks Landowner Outreach Manager

StreamSweepers Landowner Outreach Manager – StreamSweepers is a nationally recognized river maintenance service staffed by young adults from Virginia. StreamSweepers is a workforce development program of the Center for Natural Capital, a growing non-profit company using business to heal nature. Center employees work within a horizontal structure, equally sharing the risks and rewards of their entrepreneurial journey. We’re looking for someone with passion for building markets to restore nature and for the day to day work of enrolling riverside landowners in the Sweeping and Assessment of their frontage. This is a salaried position beginning immediately and likely lasting into spring. The geographic area is the Central Virginia Piedmont. Learn more at Pls. send cover letter/resume to Michael Collins @ or call 540-672-2542 for more information.