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Rappahannock River – Remington to the Rapidan

This year we planned to begin work on the Rappahannock River to close in on cleaning all of the major rivers in its watershed.  A nearly twenty-mile section of the river was slated for assessment and cleaning from the Route 29 bridge in Remington to the confluence with the Rapidan River.

Our crew began training on June 13th which included classroom time to learn the many skills required to become a “StreamSweeper”. They also spent time in the field learning to read river hazards and paddle, wilderness first aid basics and invasive species and macro invertebrate identification.  Through all of this training at the top of the list was safety and teamwork.

It worked!  Along the way we met lots of friends — those who helped with access and more, found trash (and removed it) and worked as a                                                                   highly effective team!

Trash Collected in 2017

A crew of 7 StreamSweepers covered 20 miles of the Rappahannock River, from the Route 29 Bridge in Remington to 1 mile upstream of the confluence with the Rapidan River near Richardsville, VA.

6 extra-large tires (more than 200 pounds each), 85 large truck tires (semi and dump truck size) , 178 regular car tires, 12 tire rims, 2 car batteries, 9 chairs, 11 plastic floats, 119 golf balls, 4 fishing poles, 13 items of clothing, 2 large tarps, 1 metal table pedestal base, sump pump, radiator, space heater, electrical conduit 10 feet long, mini fridge, house siding, hub cap, 3×4 metal bar, 2 large VDOT barrels, 10 gallon bucket, metal grill, iron plates from railroad, 1 corrugated havy duty tube 10′ x 2.5 inches diameter, volleyball, patio umbrella, old fashioned metal milk jug, sleeping bag, tent, go green reusable construction trash bag, large rigid plastic sheet 5’x2′, blue 50 gallon barrel, pvc pipe 1’x5″, Large Landscape Cloth, 2 pieces of rubber molding, Large Area rug, table top, 5 gallon bucket, porta potty door, go cart axle with wheels, small wheel, pvc pipes, rubber truck floor mat, propane tank, orange traffic cone, 1 pvc pipe about 4’x5″, entire porta potty, sleeping bag, 300 lbs of metal including: (motors, wheels, railroad spikes, tools, cast iron sign frame, metal kids wagon, 5′ x2.5″ diameter metal rod, chicken wire fence coil 3’x15″, 3’x8′ chimney pipe, top of clothes dryer), another 300-500 pounds of metal waste loose and in 3 trash bags, motors, bed spring, bicycle frame, pipes, old car parts, metal rim, washing machine tub, 1 metal molding strip about 7′ x 1″. 49 bags of trash containing 734 aluminum cans, 344 glass bottles, 169 plastic bottles, 246 plastic bags.

MORE THAN 16.5 tons of trash!

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